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OVA DESIGN STUDIO is a full service interior design studio specializing mostly in residential interiors.

Whether your project involves a new construction, remodeling or purely decorative - your diverse needs and ideas will be translated into a unique design that is captivating, comfortable and functional.

Natalia Ivanova is leading designer in Ova. She used to collaborate with different professionals like architetects, engineers, landscape designers....the team varies on the project. 

In Latin, “ova” means cells, eggs, birth, the begining. Each space should reflect the narrative of the people who occupy it.


OVA Design Studio is a good start for Your new story.


  • Furniture arrangements/Space planning

  • Kitchen and bath design

  • All interior finish specifications to include appliances, lighting, hardware and trim

  • Conceptual and working drawings/renderings

  • Cabinetry/Millwork Design

  • Custom furniture and lighting design

  • Decorative selections to include furniture, art and accessories

  • Construction coordination, oversight and project management

  • Initial design conversations with a good cup of coffee

Natalia   Ivanova


Born in Minsk, Natalia moved to Barcelona in 2005, focusing her studies on interior design.


After graduating from Eina University School of Design and Art with a degree in Interior Design, Natalia worked for several companies including Artemide, The Barcelona Design Gallery, Corp.

She has been an independent designer since 2014.

European born and well-travelled, Natalia loves clean and modern aesthetics combined with elements from history and Mother Nature. For her, harmony is the key to a well balanced composition.


Natalia speaks Spanish, Russian, English. Currently she lives and works in Barcelona.


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