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Ova believes in the power of beautiful interiors to transform daily life.


This project speaks how the sober geometry of modern style architecture fuses together with the warm and sensitive design of Mediterranean.

White predominates and gives to the space a personality that attracts order and is complemented by the colors of the sea, sand, stones, lavanda, olive trees.

This project was inspired by the Mandarine aesthetic of the self titled hotel in Barcelona.

However the main goal was to make a client feel like at home in this modern and cozy vocational apartment in the very heart of Barcelona.

Barcelona is a city to fall in love with and one of its main charm is the modernistic Eixample architecture of the last century.


The remodel of this apartment respects all the historical elements of the structure and at the same time brings a new air in its space.



Barcelona  /  2015

Open space concept


Barcelona  /  2015

Let the color in!


Barcelona /  2014

Less is more
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